The Product

At the request of its clients, IS³ manufactures a wide range of products catering for many different sectors.

Fort the advertising and events sector, we offer tailored products, including gloves, bags and the most diverse range of gadgets. But one of the constant features of our products is a high level of personalisation. As result, we can help you design your own distinctive style. And we can supply you very quickly (within 3 to 6 weeks).

In the industrial sector, we are active in various sectors; the furniture sector (seat and sofa covers, mattress covers, etc.), the medical sector (accessories for operating theatres) and the automotive sector (antistatic overalls, robot covers, etc.).

In all these different sectors, we consistently work according to the same philosophy: we allow you to focus on your own core business, while we take on the task of looking for fabrics and developing and producing various accessories.